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Yorkshire v Lancashire, Kent v Surrey and more: county cricket – live! | County Championship

This will be fun!

Wonder if Jimmy might give Joe the odd sledge? “Told you I could still do the business” type of thing…

Hello to everyone below the line, you MUST do as Tanya says and be gentle with me, this is only my second stint stepping into the Aldred brogues/sneakers/stilettos.

I have spotted a question posed from ‘Rooto’ (Joe? Billy?):

“As double tons seem to be all the rage at the moment. Which is your favourite?”

Let’s open this up to all cricket, one of my faves is definitely the Astle blitzkrieg in Christchurch, which is 20 years old now would you believe?

The sun is beating down at every ground that I can see on the live streams. I’m of course COMPLETELY NEUTRAL when it comes to having a preferred side but as a son of the Peak District I am thoroughly enjoying (in a neutral way) Shan Masood racking up the runs for Derbyshire.

He’s surely up there as the signing of the season already?

Have a purr over this:

The clock ticks around to 11…PLAY!

And catch up on yesterday’s happenings thanks to the peerless Tanya here:

Here’s some pre-play reading from Mr B Ronay:

Double centurion speaks!

I see KP’s at it again…

Why are some of you against franchising CC?
Don’t reply using words like, money, loyalty or tradition/history!
I want cricket reasons as to why it would harm Englands Test team?

— Kevin Pietersen🦏 (@KP24) May 14, 2022


Runs glorious runs, tired bowlers and scorers!

That’s the main story from this round of the County Champo, and indeed the previous rounds too, largely dry weather and true pitches have seen the scoreboard’s up and down the land a’clattering. There have been hundreds, double hundreds and even records tumbling in this round alone, heck there’s even a few batters in with a whiff of a chance of notching up 1000 runs before the end of May, something of a run-scoring grail for the willow wielders.

Jim here on this sunny Saturday, stepping in for Tanya as she has a well deserved day off. I’ll be popping up with updates and interesting tid-bits from around the grounds throughout the day. As ever I’ll be reliant on your eyes and ears so please do keep me company and get in touch below the line, on email or the twitters.

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