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New Delhi: In the year 2020, WhatsApp launched disappearing messages on its platform. The option was only available in individual chats at the time, and messages could only be programmed to expire after seven days. With the addition of more chats and time constraints, the Meta-owned messaging app has substantially improved this feature. Additionally, the company included a ‘Default Message Timer’ option, which allows users to set messages sent in a new chat to expire after a certain amount of time. According to reports, the company plans to improve this functionality even further by providing a feature that allows users to make previous communications ‘disappear at once.’

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on making modifications to its ‘default message timer,’ which allows users to specify a time limit for when their disappearing messages would vanish from the chat, so that they can bring old texts under the feature’s scope. Users can currently enable the feature in advance, ensuring that messages sent in the future vanish after the selected time period.

According to a screenshot shared by the blog site, WhatsApp will display a notification that says, “This will not affect your existing messages.” Select existing chats to apply this message timer” — in the box where the messaging app shows the Default Message Timer. When the user taps the “by picking them” wording in the window, a new section window appears, allowing them to select numerous conversations at once to convert to disappearing chats.

“This shortcut comes in handy when you want to activate disappearing messages for multiple chats without having to individually toggle the functionality in each chat’s information.” “All new messages in these chats will be set to disappear after they are converted to disappearing chats,” the blog site notes.

However, the function is still in development, and there is no news on when it will be accessible for users to use in the company’s apps.

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