Viral Video: Unique Method Keeps Grapes Fresh Without Fridge Or Chemicals

The internet is a storehouse of so much interesting and unique content. We often come across some new information or the other that we can learn from and get inspired from. Recently, the trend of going back to our roots has been picking up. People are now searching for ways to conserve and preserve food for longer, the way our ancestors used to without any electrical equipment or chemical preservatives. A video surfaced online which showed a unique method of keeping grapes fresh in a clay container, and it has gone viral in no time. Wondering how it worked? Take a look at the video and see for yourself:

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The video of grapes being preserved was originally posted by @archaeohistories on Instagram. It soon found its way to Twitter as well by user @SaudObserver, where it received over 2.3 million views, 96.3k likes and 18.8k retweets. The method was said to be from Afghanistan, used centuries ago in the rural areas in the North. Known as ‘Kangina’, this method of food preservation uses mud-straw containers to keep grapes fresh and airtight. The grapes are stored inside these containers that can be cracked open whenever required. Grapes can be preserved for up to six months in Afghanistan with this unique technique.

A lot of Twitter reactions poured into the video. Some were surprised that the grapes looked so fresh even after six months. Others wanted to know how it was possible that no chemicals or cooling was used in the process.

Take a look at all the reactions to the video:

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What did you think of the viral video of preserving grapes? Tell us your thoughts about this method in the comments.

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