Uttarakhand couple sues son seeking grandchild or compensation: Watch

Bhubaneswar: In a rare incident an elderly couple from Haridwar in Uttarakhand has moved Court against their son and daughter-in law seeking either grandchildren or compensation amounting to Rs 5 crores.

As per an ANI post on Twitter, SR Prasad, the father of a young couple said that he spent all his money to get his son trained in the US. Even he has taken a loan from bank to construct a house. The couple’s anticipation was a grand child. They were happy to welcome a grandchild of any gender, a boy or a girl. Yet, as nothing was achieved, finally they moved to the Court for justice.

“Haridwar, Uttarakhand | Parents move court against son&daughter-in-law, demand grandchildren/Rs 5 cr compensation. They were married in 2016 in hopes of having grandchildren. We didn’t care about gender, just wanted a grandchild: SR Prasad, Father,” tweeted ANI.

“This case portrays the truth of society. We invest in our children, make them capable of working in good firms. Children owe their parents basic financial care. The parents have demanded either a grandchild within a year or compensation of Rs 5 crores,” said Advocate AK Srivastava on this case.

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