The wonderful taste of juices and shakes will dissolve in the body, coolness, come to ‘Standard Juice’ in Karol Bagh

Due to the heat and humidity, there is a lot of demand for cold drinks, juices and shakes these days. Wherever there is such a shop, people will be seen drinking them to quench their thirst. In this summer, if you get pure and fresh juice or shake, then it will be fun. There are some shops in Delhi that have been serving juices and shakes to people for years and they have also made these drinks standard. Today we are taking you to one such shop.

The Karol Bagh area of ​​Delhi was residential till a few years ago, but now most of the areas have become commercial. Therefore, hundreds of food-outlets have opened here to meet the food and drink needs of the people coming here. There are also some shops that have made their mark here for years. One such shop is ‘Standard Juice’. After getting down from Karol Bagh metro station, you will walk towards Ajmal Khan Road, then on the right is the food market. There is this age-old juice and shake shop, where a variety of juices and shakes are offered.

In the summer season, this shop is crowded with juice and shake drinkers.

There are many varieties of juice in the shop.

The specialty of this shop is that everything will be fresh and pure here. About a dozen types of juices are available here, including orange, mix, pineapple, seasonal, pomegranate, watermelon etc. In these, black salt, black pepper and roasted cumin ground spices increase the life and glory of the juice. Nowadays, due to the heat, there is a lot of demand for Mango Shake and Mango Lassi. Pure milk is used in the shake and lassi is made from curd. If you place the order, then the mango will be peeled in front and put in the juicer, along with sugar and condensed milk will be shaken. Pouring it in a glass and topping it with cherry pieces will be presented. Its taste and coolness satisfy even the soul as soon as it is drunk.

Along with taste, you will also get quality

About 15 varieties of shakes are available here, in addition to mango, they include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch etc. Very cold so that you are ‘cool’ in the heat. These include from small glass to medium and jumbo glass. The price of all ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 90. This shop was started by Angoorilal Chhabra in the year 1964. Nowadays his two sons Rajendra and Surendra Chhabra are handling this shop.

juice and shake

About 15 varieties of shakes are available here. The price of all ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 90.

They say that we buy and sell fresh items every day. Every day they go to the market and bring fruits etc. They bring only enough that one day go by. Fresh goods are our quality. Nowadays his sons Atin and Karan also come to share his hand. Juice starts to be available at the shop at 10:30 in the morning and it can be enjoyed to cool down till 10 pm. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

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