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Sunny Leone birthday: 5 hilarious pranks pulled off by actor

Sunny Leone birthday: 5 hilarious pranks pulled off by actor

May 13, 2022, 07:00 am
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Celebrating Sunny Leone’s birthday by remembering her hilarious pranks

Sunny Leone has earned the reputation of being quite the prankster.

The actor often posts funny videos of her pulling playful tricks on her crew members and co-stars on the sets of her films and series.

Leone also loves playing pranks on her husband Daniel Weber.

On Leone’s 41st birthday, we look at five times she proved to be the perfect mischief-maker.

Leone pranked her husband while testing his strength

Leone once shared a video where she was testing Weber’s strength.

Her hubby was holding a string with four bottles filled with water tied at the ends. Leone added a utensil, books, and a basket with flour to add more weight.

Then, she pretended to add something more but cut the string instead.

And voila! her husband found himself caked with flour.

Having fun with ‘Gali Nageswara Rao’ co-star

The next entry is from the sets of the upcoming Tollywood film Gali Nageswara Rao.

Last month, Leone shared a video of her trying to prank co-star Manchu Vishnu by hiding behind a wall, wearing a cut-out of a Dali mask.

While Leone did jump out to scare him, Vishnu wasn’t startled. Hilariously, he pretended to get scared when she took her mask off.

When she pretended to chop off her finger

The actor once staged her prank in the kitchen where she pretended to chop her finger off.

She even had fake blood and a chopped finger ready to surprise her husband.

In the video, Leone pretended to scream in pain and when Weber rushed out, going all frantic about the “bloody” incident, she broke out in laughter.

Weber could only smile in embarrassment then.

Her genius mosquito bat prank

In another genius video shared by the Jism 2 star last year, she was seen having fun and amusing the cast and crew members present on the set.

She had teamed up with a colleague to execute her master trickery this time.

They were seen sneaking up to assistant director Sunny Rajani and giving him a shock with a mosquito bat.

Brutal but fun!

Leone got revenge for a prank played on her

After Rajani pulled a prank on Leone by holding a fake snake close to her face back in 2017, Leone decided to get revenge.

In the video posted by the actor herself, she was heard saying “Revenge is like sweet success.”

Then we see her go smash two cakes on Rajani’s face, who gets up to chase Leone as she laughs and runs away.

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