Residents Of UP Living In Mumbai Could Soon Connect With Their Native State

According to the latest reports, residents of Uttar Pradesh (UP) living in Mumbai can connect with their native place through a UP office in the city. This is reportedly a new initiative of the Yogi government.

Through this new office in Mumbai, the UP government hopes to enable its citizens in the city to invest back home, protect their interests as well as ensure social security.

By means of this proposed office, a government statement claims that one can connect with all UP residents living in Mumbai for a considerable time for employment and business opportunities.

With this suggested office, migrants in Mumbai will be apprised of opportunities in tourism investment and culture amongst other areas in UP. They hope to motivate these citizens to set up enterprises there. In addition to this, a favorable and lucrative business environment will be made for them in Mumbai following consultation.

Based on accounts they will be informed if there is a market for their products in UP which will make it advantageous for them to invest there.

In addition to this, if any workers wish to return to UP in times of crisis, the proposed office will assist them in employment opportunities back home in accordance with their abilities.

Similarly, for those in the unorganized sector, alike measures will be done to ensure the protection of their interests while they are apprised of new opportunities, remarked the statement.

The statement reportedly elaborated on how the initiative of the UP government will protect the interests of UP residents in Mumbai by giving them the chance to invest back home and help in its prosperity.

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