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Release Date, Trailer & Cast for a story of vengeance

Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge’: Release Date, Trailer & Cast for a story of vengeance

Netflix has just released the teaser trailer for its Dark Comedy Do Revenge on August 4.

The star-studded movie is a twist on Alfred Hitchcock’s classics and according to the synopsis Do Revenge is a subverted dark comedy featuring the scariest protagonists of all, teenage girls. 

The film centres around Drew (Alpha, it girl) and Eleanor (beta, alt girl) who, after a clandestine meet-cute, team up to go after each other’s bullies.

Release Date:

Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the movie is slated for September 16, 2022.

Cast List:

  • Austin Abrams (Euphoria)
  • Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why)
  • Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel)
  •  Talia Ryder (West Side Story)
  •  Ava Capri (Love, Victor),
  • Jonathan Daviss (Outer Banks)
  •  Maia Reficco (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin)
  •  Paris Berelc (Tall Girl) 
  • Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones)

Watch the Trailer:

The completed trailer will be released soon.

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