Prince Harry accused of hypocrisy after Meghan Markle wears expensive outfits

Prince Harry is bearing the brunt of the expensive clothes his wife Meghan Markle wore during her visit to the Netherlands.

According to a British newspaper, Meghan Markle spent a staggering £38,000 on her luxury clothes for during her Invictus Games tour.

The Sun reported the Duchess of Sussex squeezed in seven trendy looks whilst gracing the Invictus Games, as well as displaying new jewelry including a £12,800 Cartier necklace and £911 collection of pinky rings.

Royal biographer Angela claimed that Meghan wore $80,000 worth of clothes and jewels in three days.

Commenting the reports , she said “Harry has had a hugely privileged life and is now living like a billionaire. Plus his wife wore about $80,000 worth of clothes and jewels in three days. It is nonsense for him to lecture the rest of us on the importance of equality.”

She added, “If Harry is keen on an equal life for all, shouldn’t he set an example? Instead it’s the usual hypocrisy. Don’t do what I do, do what I want to happen globally.”

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