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Man, 18, jailed on suspicion of setting off large firework in Eagan movie theater auditorium last week – Twin Cities

An 18-year-old man is jailed for allegedly setting off a large firework inside an Eagan movie theater last week, causing minor injuries to several people.

Khalid Bedel Hassan (Courtesy of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office)

Khalid Bedel Hassan was arrested by Eagan police on Tuesday and booked into the Dakota County Jail on suspicion of igniting the firework on July 12 in an Emagine Theater auditorium while a movie played.

Hassan is being held on probable cause third-degree assault-substantial bodily harm, first-degree damage to property-foreseeable risk bodily harm, explosive/incendiary devices-gross disregard for life/property and terroristic threats.

County prosecutors have not charged Hassan with either of the four felonies as of Wednesday morning.

A six-second video that’s been circulating on Twitter appears to show the movie playing, followed by the firework exploding in the lower part of the auditorium and sounds of movie-goers screaming.

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