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lemon scam government official

Bhopal. Apna Desh has always been famous for scams. Governments kept coming, parties kept changing but scams were present in their place, although the history of scams is very old but “Nine hundred crore Vijay Mallya scam” “One lakh seventy six crore rupees 2G spectrum scam” “Seventy thousand crore rupees” “Common Wealth Scam of Sixty Four Hundred Crore Rupees Bofors Scam” “Eleven Thousand Four Hundred Crore Nirav Modi Scam” “Thirty Six Hundred Crore AgustaWestland Helicopter Scam” “Ten thousand Crore Rupee Harshad Mehta Scam” “Fourteen Thousand Crore Rupees” Satyam scam “All these scams are remembered more, although the number of these scams is more than one hundred but these are scams which are still on the tongue of the people, but to give water to all these scams, a new big scam has happened and that It’s the “Lemon Scam”.

The superintendent of Kapurthala Jail in Punjab did such a terrible lemon scam that the whole government was shaken. Jail’s superintendent Gurnam Lal bought “fifty kilos of lemons” in a jiffy, is it a common practice to buy fifty kilos of lemons in one go. A man thinks ten times before buying a lemon, at that time, those sages bought fifty kilos of lemons in one go and then bought one of those lemons or even two or four drops of its juice, the prisoners of that jail did not get that fifty kilos. No one even knew where the lemons went. But it is said that sin is never hidden, so there was a complaint that Bhaiji had bought fifty kilos of lemons and when this news came to the fore, people pressed their fingers on the courage of that superintendent, such a big scam that too the government Under the nose, the governments felt that it was a matter of great disgrace that they did not even know and such a huge scam happened, just what was the investigation committee sitting immediately and the jail superintendent accused of lemon scam was suspended.

According to his own opinion, the sentence of suspension given to him is very less according to his scam, when every one lemon is lying in the country, during that time he bought fifty kilos of lemons at a time, if there is any bigger crime than this Can’t even Actually the superintendent must have thought that people buy gold and silver for their children and make FDs so that they can be useful in future, so why should we not buy lemons for our children when the children grow up, their studies In writing, if money is needed for marriage, then they will make all arrangements by selling lemons, but what did they know that some trouble Santoshi will complain to them, but there is one thing, where has the jail superintendent kept these fifty kilos of lemons hidden? Still haven’t been able to find out.

No intoxication even after two quarters
A Daruya from Ujjain has sent a complaint to the Home Minister of the state that he bought “two quarters of country liquor” from a liquor shop and put it in his throat at once but he did not get intoxicated, so the matter should be investigated. And action should be taken against the contractor of that liquor shop and if this is not done then he will also go to the “consumer forum” with his complaint, because the question is of intoxication, for which he put two quarters and if he does not get intoxicated then it is his There is injustice with the Excise Department, after taking his complaint, he has assured that they will investigate this matter deeply and if this has happened then action will be taken against the liquor shopkeeper, now how the Excise Department will investigate it is also a question. . First of all, he will give two quarters to any of his Darya employee and if he does not really get intoxicated, then it will be assumed that the complaint of that Darya has merit and if he gets caught then it will be assumed that the brother who has complained His “riyaz” has increased and in two quarters he does not crumble, then he will be advised to increase his quota now and instead of two quarters, you will get at least four quarters, then you will come to know that your liver is not satisfied with two quarters. At least four quarters will be needed to ruin it, so my appeal to them is to drink four quarters at a time and even after that, if the intoxication does not come, then complain.

poor loudspeaker
What were the days of “loud speaker”, any event could not happen and there was no need for loudspeaker. “Ratri Jagran” “God be the story” “Akhand Ramayana” “Jagrata” “Leaders’ gathering” Be “Azaan” 15th August, Twenty-sixth January “Patriotic songs” “Get married” “Cultural events” Or what was the “literary event” where work goes on without a loudspeaker, but suddenly the whole country has lost its hands behind this poor loud speaker. In good temples, in mosques, the order to take them down came in one stroke, these poor loudspeakers, who had been on kangoors for years, came on the floor, this is called “to come to the floor”. The voice reached thousands of people, but these leaders would turn out to be so unfaithful, these loudspeakers had never thought, hey brother, they would have thought that our only job is to increase the voice and the work for which we have been made, then only that We will do the work, but no one thought anything of our years of service. Now we have started worrying more about those “DJs” who are many times more powerful than us, whose voice can cause “heart attack”, a man can be “deaf”, pregnant women can have abortions. Now there is not much time as it has happened to us, it is going to happen to you brother DJ, now there is no one left in this country to help you, understand that your life was of the same number of days.

super hit of the week
“Sometimes you look like a man, but sometimes you behave like a woman, what’s the matter?” His friend asked Mr.
“All this is the fault of my ancestors, half of my ancestors were men and half women” explained him.

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