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Leak-leak drive. Leak-leak drive

‘Leak-leak car, let’s go leakin’. Leaving the leeks, let the three go, poet, singh, son” – Perhaps Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena might have said the poem, ‘Let those whose feet are weak and defeated’ by listening to the proverb. That is why if it is said on the lines of the Bible, ‘Blessed are those who have an unshakable faith in not following the path of Hindi by resorting to the rut of English, such people get the golden throne in the official heaven.’ Then whether gold is twenty four carat or sleepy, it again depends on your going on leak-leak in English and Hindi. If the posting is earning and you leak the earnings from it by sharing it, that is, if you eat it by sharing it, then you will remain on the throne of gold for life. Otherwise, keep on applying till the age of government job is over like the punch line of Iodex ‘Iodex mallye kaam par chaliye’ and keep following the Hindi rut. Now look only in Devdhara, those who did not have to follow the rut, they remained in merit in the written examination of constable recruitment even after barely passing the tenth examination. It would be worse if the matter of leaking the paper leaked.

Otherwise, these poor people were walking out of the box as per the saying and saying of Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. As far as the fair, honest and double engine government of Himachal is concerned, it had arranged a special pre-paid police recruitment exam for its people. There was a complete system of transparency from the government side because after the written examination there was no interview under the new rules. By ensuring the new system, the government did not leave any scope for recommendation in the interview. The welfare government is committed to providing jobs to its unemployed in a very transparent manner in the recruitment of peons to vice chancellors in the state. If corruption is being hailed everywhere like the name of the Chief Minister, then what can the poor man do in this. Corruption and God are present in every particle of the world. The Chief Minister who cannot give job to the eligible unemployed including the needy and unemployed wife in the true sense of his OSD in the model school of that university, where Professors and Vice-Chancellors are also recruited in the same way, then shame on such Chief Ministership and transparent, On Sharif, honest and double engine government. That’s why ‘I hate damn, Nagarvadhu. Because some people will say, it is the job of the people to say.’ Anyway, earlier when the school education board and state universities continued to issue fake certificates and jobs were distributed on chit to ministers-MLAs, influential and loved ones in the state, then which papers were leaked.

Even though the accused of paper leak did not even know the name of the Chief Minister, but like his name, he was aware of the omnipresent, omnipotent and omnipresent leaks in the world. Well, there are many other benefits of leakage as well. Patriotic governments and political parties hack EVMs with the help of leaks in surveys. Online sites are earning money by selling data of their customers. Like a Muslim trapped in the enticement of seventy-two Hurons, the common man trapped in the market is stunned to see thousands of brands and colours. In such a situation, the website, which has been in his service for years, tells him what color shirt combination with black trousers can bring him to heaven. All that is needed is that the leakage should be worked firmly and instead of being afraid of it, the focus should be on working with it. Vishwaguru, the successful Prime Minister of the country, was bent on getting his degrees leaked for so many days with the help of his ministers. The Congress too has been digesting its defeat with the help of leakages of analysis in the media before the review meeting after defeat in every election for the last one decade.

P. A. Siddhartha

The author is from Rishikesh

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