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Karnataka’s GST collection at Rs 11,820 crore, up 19 per cent from last year

By Express News Service

BENGALURU: Karnataka’s GST collection for April was Rs 11,820 crore, an increase of 19 per cent from the year-ago collection of Rs 9,955 crore and over 29 per cent from March accruals of Rs 8,750 crore, said Commercial Tax Commissioner C Shikha.

Since commercial activities resumed after restrictions were relaxed, the economy has seen a turnaround and the state has reported substantially higher GST collections. For February it was Rs 9,176 crore.
Karnataka stood second only to Maharashtra in the highest GST collection.

Officers said, “Better collections are because of the improvement in compliance behaviour, which has been a result of various steps taken by the tax administration. Enforcement was strict with errant taxpayers identified based on data analytics and artificial intelligence.

FKCCI GST Committee Chairman C Manohar said, “Business and service sectors are doing well as people are emerging from difficult times of the pandemic. The taxpayers’ compliance and administration efforts in curtailing tax evasion through strict enforcement and initiation of e-invoice seem to be the encouraging factors.”

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