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Homemade restaurant-like crispy corn, know this easy way

Public Relations Webdesk | From kids to adults, sweet corn is loved by most of the people. The special thing is that it is quite easy to prepare them. Its packet is easily available in the market, just then boil it, add chaat masala and enjoy it hot. But if you are bored of eating sweet corn in this way, then you can also do some twists in it. Yes, we are talking about crispy corns. Now crispy corn has been adopted by almost all the restaurants and is also available as street food in many places. You can easily make it at home also. Know its easy recipe…

Ingredients for Crispy Corns

-sweet corn

– Cup Rice Flour

– cup cornflour

– Lemon juice

– freshly ground black pepper

– Kashmiri red chili powder

– roasted cumin powder

– amchur powder

– finely chopped onion

– finely chopped capsicum

– finely chopped coriander

– salt to taste

– oil for frying

easy recipe for crispy corns

First of all boil sweet corn by adding some salt. After the sweet corn boils, drain the water from them, add corn flour, black pepper powder, kashniri red chili and salt and mix it well.

After mixing everything well, fry the sweet corn in oil.

Now mix onion, capsicum, lemon juice, red chili powder, cumin powder and lemon juice in a bowl. Now add fried sweet corn to this mixture and stir it well.

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