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All of us interpret romance differently, and it holds various meanings for each of us. Some of us prefer to keep quiet in the matter of romance while some feel excited for romance. There is nothing wrong in romancing your partner or getting romantic. Romance enhances love and brings two people together.

Romance is not everyone’s cup of tea and only a few people possess this quality. Whether it is a surprise candlelight dinner, decorating the room with flowers, spending a quality romantic time with a partner or making someone feel special or being felt special, everyone wishes for romance in one way or the other.

Science and astrology have their share of explanations of what goes in your mind when you fall in love.

According to astrology, our zodiac gives us some signals of how soon a person will fall in love. Like everything in our lives, our zodiac understands our personality and also gives us a hint of how soon a person will get romantic.

Let’s know which zodiac people are more romantic and which are less romantic, as per astrology.


According to astrology, Pisceans have immense hope with such a relationship where their love feels like a dream. Boys and girls of this zodiac love romantic things and they want to be the most romantic partners for their love. In addition to this, they love to live in an imaginary world of their own which is filled with love and romance. They always seek the most romantic partner.


The girls of this zodiac love passionately. They are the kind of person who likes to show the world how much they love their partners. Besides being loving they are romantic too. However, they themselves don’t realize how romantic they are.


The girls of this zodiac never shy away from expressing their love to their partner. They love roses a lot. Whether they are with their partner or not, they are always romantic.


Girls of this sun sign might appear mysterious and live in their own world, but they themselves know that they want to be with someone who can make them feel out of this world. In fact, they crave a romantic partner who could understand their emotional and sensitive nature. When they are with the right partner, they can also be as romantic as the Pisces and Leo zodiac.


This zodiac is one of the most sensitive of all zodiacs and this is the reason why these people concentrate on different emotional aspects. Romantic gestures are not enough for a Cancer girl but she wants her partner to be romantic and if it happens then this zodiac could become more romantic.


Taurus girls don’t want anything beyond making their partners emotionally happy and comfortable. They want to be emotionally attached to their partners to be in a serious or committed relationship. This is the reason why these girls are less romantic which at times attract people.


They are quite easygoing and carefree in love. This is why they put less effort even for someone special. They don’t even care to get romantic to please their partner.


Virgo girls are not always romantic. In fact they like to be the center of attraction. Sometimes, Virgo girls praise their partner and take them out for a dinner date and express their love. But it only happens on a few occasions.


These girls are jovial in nature. Despite having a busy schedule, they find time to be with their partner. They love the old school romance and love to hug and kiss.


These girls are immensely self-absorbed, even though they sometimes like romantic things. They love to go out, have fun and do interesting activities. But it is a little difficult for them to take out time for a relationship and build a romantic mood.


Romance is not in their dictionary. They are very scared of romance because they get conscious about what the other person might think about them.


If being romantic is about intellectually stimulating conversation, then so be it. Such people hate the romantic atmosphere, talk and gestures to get romantic with their partner.

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