Gail to set up small liquefaction facilities for areas not connected to pipelines

plans to set up small liquefaction facilities to cater to natural gas demand in areas not connected to pipelines and to help transport gas from isolated fields, the company said in a statement.

GAIL has placed orders for two small-scale liquefaction skids capable of producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) on a pilot basis.

“These plants will help in distribution of natural gas through liquefaction in new city gas distribution areas, liquefaction of gas at isolated fields and will support setting-up of LNG fueling stations and in bunkering. It will be first of its kind in the country to introduce portable and scalable liquefaction units.” the company said.

GAIL is also discussing the possibility of manufacturing liquefaction skids in India, as per the statement.

India has vastly expanded the city gas distribution network in recent years, adding to natural gas demand. Liquefaction facilities can help transfer gas from some fields that haven’t been commercially exploited as they are too small to support an evacuation pipeline.

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