Forsen bashes Elden Ring’s  game design

Since the release of the long-awaited Elden Ring, several popular Twitch streamers like Forsen have debuted the game through their videos in front of a live audience. According to thousands of online gamers, Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated titles to drop for months now.

Despite the excitement surrounding the game from eager buyers, Forsen criticized FromSoftware’s latest hit as he encountered one of the various bosses. While live, he said about a particular mechanic of Elden Ring as others piled on to agree with his claim.

Forsen displays his frustration with Elden Ring bosses

Deep inside Mt. Gelmir, one of Elden Ring’s various locations, Forsen encountered the dungeon boss inside of a small chamber. After a sneaky move from the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, he died and was forced to return back to his previous checkpoint.

The streamer cried out as he fell:

“That’s what I hate about these big guys…don’t put them in this f***ing room.”

He continually griped about this specific design choice, expressing how unfair the boss fight felt to him. As many Dark Souls and related titles fans have agreed over the years, these types of bosses are incredibly difficult to beat.

After respawning, the Twitch streamer ranted again:

“Ether have af***ing huge guy or a small guy.”

Commentors on the video translated the phrase into meaning that Elden Ring should either put smaller bosses in those areas or have an open-world type battle.

Other streamers have had similar issues as the comment below suggests.

Many viewers concurred with him and his opinion on the matter, calling for a change in the style of boss fights. Another commentor indicated that the boss fight designs are intentional to make the game more difficult in certain areas.

This streamer’s viewer base largely agrees with him in his frustration, labeling many of Elden Ring’s boss fights as more-than-challenging to beat.

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