EU envoy to Iran detained at German airport

Vienna. The European Union’s (EU) chief representative on nuclear talks with Iran, Enrique Mora, said he was briefly detained along with his allies at Frankfurt airport in violation of diplomatic rules.

Spain’s Mora, who has long led the EU delegation during talks in Vienna, said he was taken into custody on Friday morning when he was about to board a flight from Tehran to Brussels.
Mora tweeted that he was “not once given an explanation” by the German authorities as to why he was detained. “I am an EU official holding a Spanish diplomatic passport and working on an official mission,” he said. They took my passport and phone.

Mora said the EU ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna and the head of the EU’s Iran task force were also detained. “We have been isolated,” he wrote. It declined to provide any explanation, which appears to be a violation of the Vienna Convention. German police and Germany’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond when asked.

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