Delhi food outlets naan special paratha and thali try at kake di hatti in fatehpuri in hindi rada

Delhi Food Outlets: This is probably one such dhaba (shop) in Delhi. Where you cannot eat Stuffed Naan alone. This is such a Dhaba in Old Delhi, whose naan also has two sizes. Earlier there were three sizes. Parathas of this dhaba will also give you different fun and your tongue will feel that something different is being eaten. If you also eat the special plate of this shop, then it will also give different fun.

‘Kake’ size naan is special

At the end of Chandni Chowk, Fatehpuri and Old Delhi Railway Station towards Fatehpuri, then this road is called Church Mission Road. There is a beautiful church of the British era here. That is why it was named Church Mission Road. There are many catering shops on this half kilometer road. Coming here, you can baffle what to eat and at which shop or shop. The reason is that the food found here will not only be full of old color, but it will also have its own specialty. There is a Dhaba ‘Kake Di Hatti’ here full of similar specialties.

An ordinary person cannot eat kake size naan here.

This is the same shop whose cake size naan cannot be eaten by an ordinary person. If you are with your friend or relative, then you can eat this size of naan, otherwise baby size will be enough for you if you are alone. Earlier there was an even smaller Nikka size, which has now been discontinued.

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There are more than 2 dozen varieties of naan

We have told that the naans here are fabulous and lively. Stuffed naans of more than two dozen varieties are available here. There is plain naan which you can enjoy by eating it with dal makhani here. Apart from this, there are also naans filled with paneer, cheese, radish, potato, gourd, radish, peas-potato, cabbage, potato-onion, soya, fenugreek. Two sweet naans are also available here, in which one is plain sweet and one is chocolate. The size of these naans is so big and so much spicy stuffing is filled in it that the health becomes happy after seeing it.

The cost of big naan found here is Rs 225.

The cost of big naan found here is Rs 225.

The maximum price of big size stuffed non-woven is Rs.225. These are so delicious that you can eat them without any vegetable or with raita. But if you want any vegetable along with it, then there are also lentils and buttermilk here. Apart from this, many types of other vegetables are also present. But the real fun comes only with Naan Raita. In the afternoon, it takes a lot of time to eat here. But eating it gives complete satisfaction as well.

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Tandoor is burning since 1942

There are also about eight types of stuffed parathas in this shop. Among them, Lachha, Mint, Ajwain Paratha are very crisp and delicious. The cost of these parathas is between 40 to 50 rupees. If you want, you can also enjoy the special thali at the dhaba. In which Naan, Dal Makhani, Mix Veg, Masala Paneer, Raita etc. are included. The price of this plate ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 300. This Dhaba of Old Delhi is very old.

It was started by Sardar Sahib Singh in the year 1942. After that his son Sardar Bhagwan Singh took over the command of this dhaba. Now the next generation people Jaspal Singh and Gurdeep Singh are making people taste the same old taste. Their tandoor becomes hot at 8 in the morning and on normal days you can enjoy naan and parathas till late night. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

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