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Congress Announcement – No leader will remain in office after five years, no parachute candidate will get ticket

The Nav Sankalp Shivir of Congress is going to start in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Let us tell you, more than 400 delegates and leaders are reaching Udaipur to participate in the camp. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi have also reached Udaipur. At the same time, before this contemplation camp, Congress leaders Ajay Maken, Randeep Surjewala, Mallikarjun Kharge held a press conference.

Addressing this press conference, Congress leader Ajay Maken said that Congress has prepared ambitious proposals for Chintan Shivir. We have also discussed “One Family, One Ticket”. Maken told that this will also happen when someone from that family is working for the party for 5 years. Or he himself has given 5 years to the organization. When he went to contest elections.

Ajay Maken further said that it has been discussed about the post that no leader will hold any post for more than five years. He should leave that post and sit quietly for at least three years. A person should not hold any office for more than five years. Not only this, no parachute candidate will also get a ticket. The relatives of the leaders will have to work in the party for the first five years, only after that they will be able to get tickets.

Congress leader Ajay Maken told the press conference that it has been agreed among the panel members that no relatives of party leaders will get tickets unless they work for the party. He will have to do the work of Congress party for at least five years. Only after that the relatives of the leaders will be considered for giving tickets. Along with this, if any person stays in any post for five years, then he will have to leave that post. There will be a cooling period of three years. After that he can occupy that position again. In this way no person will hold any post for more than five years. These proposals will be presented in Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir.

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