BTS: Korea’s state-run TV channel bans two Proof songs due to ‘vulgar words’

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), the national broadcaster of South Korea, has deemed two BTS songs unsuitable for broadcast and banned them from airing on its channel. Four songs from BTS’ upcoming album Proof– Yet To Come, Run BTS, For Youth, and Born Singer were submitted to the broadcaster, but only one of them could pass the censorship review. Also Read| BTS: J-Hope to make history as first South Korean artist to headline Lollapalooza, promises ‘great show’ to ARMY

BTS members RMJin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will release their new album along with the music video of the title track Yet To Come on June 10. The anthology album has a mix of new and old songs. However, two days before the album’s release, the K-pop group was informed that two of their songs won’t be broadcast on the state-run TV channel.

As per a report in Soompi, a representative of KBS announced on June 8 that Run BTS and Born Singer won’t be aired on the channel because the lyrics contain ‘swear words, vulgar words, and crude expressions’. A final decision on For Youth is pending because the lyrics for the first 30 seconds of the song that feature concert sound effects have no lyrics and voice. Only the album’s title track, Yet to Come, was allowed for broadcast.

ARMY was more amused than disappointed at the decision, and took to social media to share their reactions. Many commented laughing emojis, while others shared clips of the K-pop stars saying swear words. One joked, “If I don’t hear profanity in those songs I am on you KBS.” Another fan wrote, “LMFAO that makes me more excited.” A third one commented, “Run BTS failing censorship review for Korean TV because of cursing — a very perfectly BTS at the roots kind of thing to happen.”

KBS’ decision means that BTS won’t be allowed to perform these songs in music shows on Korean television. However, they can still perform them in other places, including concerts. BTS will also perform the album live on June 13 to mark the 9th anniversary of the band’s formation.

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