Besan Rava Dosa Recipe: Make Besan Rava Dosa in South Indian Style, the taste will be remembered

Besan Rava Dosa Recipe: Dosa has become quite famous as a South Indian food. Dosa can be made in many ways. Dosa is also prepared by mixing gram flour and rava. Which is very tasty to eat. Besan Rava Dosa can be made and eaten in breakfast too. Be it children or adults, everyone’s faces blossom as soon as they hear the name of Dosa. South Indian food dish Dosa is very much liked in most of the homes. However, by changing the traditional dosa recipe, dosa is now being prepared in many ways, one of them is the recipe of gram flour rava dosa. It is very easy to make and it is delicious and gets ready in very less time.
If you also want to make Besan Rava Dosa as breakfast and have not tried this recipe till now, then it does not matter. With the help of our recipe, you can make it in a very simple way.

Ingredients for Besan Rava Dosa
Besan – one and a half cup
Rava – 1/4 cup
Rice flour – 1/4 cup
Ajwain – 1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Turmeric – 1/4 tsp
Oil – 1/2 cup
Salt – as per taste

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How to make Besan Rava Dosa
To make Besan Rava Dosa, first put gram flour in a mixing bowl. After this, add rava and rice flour and mix all three well. Now add turmeric, red chili and carom seeds to it and mix. Then add salt to this mixture as per taste and then prepare the solution by adding about 2 cups of water. Whisk it well for some time so that no lumps remain inside it.

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Now prepare the batter in the same way as dosa batter is prepared. Now take a nonstick pan/tawa and keep it to heat on medium flame. When the griddle becomes hot, put some oil in it and spread it all around. When the tawa is hot enough, put the dosa batter in the center of the pan and spread it. Now fry the dosa till it becomes crispy. After this, turn the dosa over and roast it on the other side till it becomes crispy and golden. Your delicious besan dosa is ready. Similarly prepare dosa with all the batter. Serve besan rava dosa with chutney.

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