Apart from mustard and refined, try these 5 types of cooking oils and know their benefits

Food is an important part of our routine. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, with every meal, we take full care of hygiene and nutrition, so that we and our family remain healthy. Keeping in mind the nutritional value of food and drink, have you ever thought of different oils for cooking? If you pay attention to this, then you will know that there are many types of cooking oils full of taste and health in the market.

Cooking oil enhances the taste of food. Sunflower, refined and mustard oil is common in our homes, but today we will tell you about different cooking oils. All these cooking oils have different nutrients. healthline According to a report published in, know about different types of cooking oils and their benefits.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – It proves to be an excellent oil for health. Rich in anti-oxidant properties, this oil keeps the heart healthy. Apart from this, it also reduces the risk of getting cancer. However, heating extra virgin olive oil destroys its nutrients. This oil can be used for dips, salads and dressings.

Canola Oil- Canola oil, part of the rapeseed family, proves to be a better cooking oil for cooking. Although canola oil does not come from natural plants, it is prepared by cross-breeding plants. This cooking oil is considered healthy due to its low saturated and high mono saturated fat.

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Avocado Oil- Avocado oil, which proves to be beneficial for health, is also full of taste and health. Good fat is found in abundance in avocado oil. This oil can be used for cooking. This oil can also be used raw for salads.

Sesame oil – The use of sesame is beneficial for health in many ways. Similarly, its oil is also considered rich in nutritional properties. Sesame oil, rich in unsaturated fat and anti-oxidant properties, is also used to enhance the taste of food in countries like China and Korea.

Light olive oil Unlike extra virgin olive oil, light olive oil can be used for cooking without worrying about it. This oil is also used for baking. If you think that this oil is low in calories, then you are a victim of misunderstanding. This oil is called ‘Light’ because of its neutral test.

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