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Aam Pak Recipe: Enjoy the delicious mango Pak in summer, here’s how to make it

Aam Pak Recipe: There is a lot of demand for mango culinary sweets in summer. Although it is a different pleasure to eat juicy mangoes in the summer season, but many recipes made from mango are also very much liked these days. If we talk about sweets, then there is a long list of people who like the common Pak. The taste of the common culinary sweet dish is wonderful. Mainly this sweet dish is very popular in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. Whoever tastes it, the desire to eat it again arises in his mind. If you too are fond of eating sweets, then you can enjoy mango baking in summer. This delicious sweet dish is very easy to make and it is a sweet dish loved by both kids and adults.

Ingredients for Mango Pak
Mango – 7
Khoya (Mawa) – 1/2 kg
Sugar – 250 grams
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Cardamom Powder – Tbsp
Sweet yellow color – 1 pinch
Pistachio Chops – 2 tbsp

Mango Pak Recipe
To make Mango Pak, first take mangoes and take out the pulp after peeling them and keep them in a vessel. Now keep a pan to heat on medium flame. After the pan is hot, add mawa to it and fry it on low flame. Fry the mawa till it starts leaving ghee. When the mawa starts leaving the ghee, then add mango pulp to it and fry while stirring for at least 4-5 minutes.

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After stirring the mawa and mango pulp for some time, add sweet yellow color and cardamom powder and mix it well with a ladle. Then turn off the gas, take the pan down and keep it aside. After this, put a cup of water and sugar in a vessel and keep it for heating. Heat this mixture until sugar dissolves in water and starts thickening. After this prepare a wire syrup.

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After the sugar syrup is ready, put the mixture of mawa and mango pulp in it and mix it all well. Now take a plate or tray and grease it with ghee. After this, add the prepared mixture and spread it all around. Now put pistachio shreds on top of the mango pak mixture and keep it to cool down. When the mixture cools down, cut it into desired shape and serve.

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